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Paramahansa Yogananda’s I Am Unfrequented No – Replicate

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Paramahansa Yogananda’s “I Am Solitary No”

Updated on July 15, 2019

Linda Sue Grimes


Paramahansa Yogananda’s poems process to raise the activeness of yoga speculation, star apiece mortal backrest to God-bliss in the Churchman Realism.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Composition at Encinitas | Beginning

Foundation and Extract from “I Am Unfrequented no”

Paramahansa Yogananda’s talker in “I Am Unfrequented No” from Songs of the Somebody no yearner senses himself as a recluse beingness aimless on a sea of risk but alternatively realizes that his dearest Cleric Ego accompanies him everyplace he goes because the Elysian Honey Creator exists everyplace the talker may locomote.

Excerption from “I Am Solitary no”

I am not unfrequented in the bedroom of purdah,

For K art constantly thither.

I am solitary amidst an rip-roaring gang,

In which the secrecy slips out

Comparable a startled, quick footed, expectant eyed cervid. . . .

( Delight tone: The poem in its entireness may be plant in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Songs of the Somebody , promulgated by Self-fulfillment Companionship , Los Angeles, CA, 1983 and 2014 printings.)


The talker in Paramahansa Yogananda’s “I Am Unfrequented no” celebrates his exemption from the humming illness of aloneness.

Low Motility: Celebrating Exemption

The loudspeaker expresses and celebrates his exemption by stating that he is not lone when he is, so, unequalled in any fix, fifty-fifty piece experiencing “purdah.” His consciousness of the Elysian as an constitutional portion of his own ego allows him to be witting that the Master is invariably with him.

The verbaliser so insists that spell he is in a big noisy gang of citizenry, he finds that he can, in fact, be lonesome because the bearing of the Churchman Realism, so tangible in still, is backbreaking to realise in a noisy, knockabout radical of multitude.

Colorfully, the verbaliser says that in such a situation, the quieten of the Godly “slips outside / Alike a startled, swift-footed large-eyed cervid.”

S Motion: Aloneness Ahead Experiencing Realisation

Ahead the loudspeaker had completed the nature of his unity with the Godly, the verbalizer was plagued by thoughts that seemed to announce him to be an apart single, resulting in the electronegative submit of lonesomeness. Therein do-or-die posit, he lamented and feared that as he had surface world from about “stranger,” thusly he would sustain to leave-taking and again introduce that like villainous “unnamed.”

Tertiary Move: Encyclopedism to Shuffling God One’s Own

Since determination that he has been forever joined with the Inspired, the verbalizer asserts that he has ascertained that he and the Cleric are e’er joined. Disregarding of where the verbalizer may traveling, whether in lone places where no one else can be constitute, or whether he finds himself in places filled with former multitude, he is now e’er mindful that he has a Godly Acquaintance Who accompanies him.

The cognition of this world of his Higher Ego secures for him lasting easing from the benumb buzz nerve hurt that causes the sense-bound nous to guess it is lone and detached.

Fourthly Cause: God’s Myriad Play

The verbaliser has get mindful of the unseeable ties that oblige him all stave: breast and backbone, in animation and in dying.

The talker now understands that his liveliness is not good one probability happening that holds no significance spell offer lonesome a scummy showing of unanswerable questions; he now comprehends that his liveliness is office of a cosmic godly project wherein he can frolic his role in God’s numberless play.

One-fifth Drive: The Resultant of Speculation and Unearthly Exertion

The talker, done speculation and religious feat, has revive realise and agnize that he comes from the Cleric, he lives in the Inspired, and he bequeath “nosedive” into the Elysian subsequently he leaves his figure. Referring to the Cleric as “my Known-One,” he confirms his ecclesiastic cognition.

One-sixth Motion: Elysian Oneness Banishes Aloneness

So merely then attractively, the verbaliser avers that earlier he had met the “big Ego,” he was, in fact, stricken with forlornness; notwithstanding, now the affliction of aloneness assaults him no thirster.

The utterer has accomplished his ageless one with the alone Entity that can shun all forlornness, the Entity that instills every big intellection and comfy touch that the buzz nerve and intellect craves. In the Blissfulness of Single, the loudspeaker can say he stiff, “lonesome no.”

Paramahansa Yogananda’s Songs of the Someone


Living Study of Paramahansa Yogananda

The big guru/poet Paramahansa Yogananda was natural on January 5, 1893, in Gorakhpur, India. His diagnose at bear was Mukunda Lal Ghosh. Perpetually a spiritually ripe fry, at age 17, he met his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, below whose counsel he flourished and became the unearthly heavyweight and sanctified locomotive that leads souls cover to their ageless habitation in the blazonry of the Inspired Creator.

Paramahansa Yogananda came to the Joined States in 1920 to verbalise in Boston at the External Copulation of Spiritual Liberals . His delivery was so advantageously standard that he chop-chop collected a next. By 1925, his constitution, Self-realisation Society (SRF), was comfortably conventional with the determination of disseminating and maintaining the innocence of his teachings of yoga. He has resuscitate be known as the “Father of Yoga in the W.”

The pursual is an extract from the founding to Paramahansa Yogananda’s life on the Self-realisation Companionship Site:

In the c days since the nascence of Paramahansa Yogananda, this darling man instructor has strike be accepted as one of the sterling emissaries to the Westward of India’s antediluvian soundness. His spirit and teachings extend to be a reference of sparkle and aspiration to mass of all races, cultures and reviews creeds.


Paramahansa Yogananda’s in-depth oeuvre, Autobiography of a Yogi , has get a unearthly authoritative oecumenical. Many devotees bear been haggard to the teachings of this yogi done that autobiography, and many of their stories almost how they came to incur that exercise admit roughly of the well-nigh inspiring “miracles” of mod American polish.

Such world-renowned figures as Dennis Weaverbird , Steve Jobs , George Harrison , and Elvis Presley were influenced by the Autobiography of a Yog i and the teachings of the large guru. Weaverbird level became a lay parson and rundle oftentimes at many of the SRF temples in California.

In add-on to the autobiography, the large guru has promulgated many collections of his negotiation, in both scripted and unwritten forms. His sound accumulator’s serial of ten of his cozy dialogue includes the undermentioned titles:

1. Seeing the One altogether

2. Waken in the Cosmic Daydream

3. Be a Grin Millionaire

4. The Gravid Lightness of God

5. To Shuffle Shangri-la on World

6. One Biography Versus Rebirth

7. Removing All Sadness and Wretched

8. In the Aureole of the Feel

9. Adopt the Route of Messiah, Krishna, and the Masters

10. Self-realisation: The Interior and the Outer Route

These inspirational dialogue expose often data around the gravid guru that appeals to his devoted following. Fair hearing to a God-realized vocalisation offers an uplifting phantasmal get.


For my commentaries on the poems of the enceinte guru, I bank on his howling ingathering highborn, Songs of the Mortal, the variant promulgated in 1983 with its about stream impression 2014. Two extra collections of his poems are extant, Whispers From Timelessness and Metaphysical Meditations .

Because the “poems” of this enceinte guru use on levels that average poems do not, they are ofttimes put-upon in devotional services held by groups of devotees of the SRF teachings passim the earth in the Readings Services likewise as their Limited Commemorating Services.

Paramahansa Yogananda’s poems are more cognate to prayers than to the poesy of average poets, whose substance ofttimes dramatizes sole buzz emotion in its kinship with introduction and former humanity, alternatively of with the Creator; the heavy guru’s poems forever evoke the Creator’s comportment whether forthwith or indirectly.

Early Publications

The enceinte guru’s constitution, SRF, likewise continues to write collections of his plant. Many of his negotiation bear appeared in the serial of essays that admit Man’s Endless Request , The Elysian Romanticism , and Travel to Self-realisation .

Disciplinal Translations

The guru has besides bestowed on the literary mankind 3 significant translations of extant recurrent deeds that deliver been grossly misunderstood in around cases for centuries. His new translations on with his explanatory commentaries are correcting that misapprehension.

In Wine-colored of the Secret: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam — A Spectral Version , he shows how that poet’s God-realized effusions dupe expose a man potty with his Creator and not the wine-colored sopped Foodie that has been misapplied to the oeuvre.

In the guru’s in-depth rendering and commentaries on the antediluvian Bhagavad Gita, highborn God Negotiation With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita — A New Displacement and Comment, the heavy ghostlike leader offers not just the poetical version of the workplace but besides the relevancy for man of the psychological and apparitional command offered in the antediluvian poem.

Nigh significantly for Westerly civilization, Paramahansa Yogananda has offered a good account of the phenomenon known as the “Endorsement Climax.” Highborn The Secondment Orgasm of Messiah: The Resurrection of the Messiah Inside You — A apocalyptical comment on the pilot teachings of Jesus , the exercise explains truth significant of many of Jesus’ language hanker misunderstood and mischaracterized, such as “The Realm of God is inside you” and “I and my Beget are one.”

The Lessons

Of all the publications offered by SRF and the big guru, it is the Lessons that continue well-nigh lively. One could foreswear all of the over-the-counter books, sound tapes, verse, and former commentaries if one possesses those lessons.

The Lessons commence by offer forcible exercises that fix the forcible incasement to sit restfully and calm piece playacting the more innovative exercises that leading to Kriya Yoga practise.

The Lessons contains six stairs that can be accomplished in tercet eld, but apiece bookman is dislodge to procession at his/her own step. The Lessons admit education in the pursuit techniques: 1. Energization Exercises. 2. Hong-Sau Proficiency of Density, and 3. Aum Proficiency of Speculation.

Afterwards complemental the offset two stairs, the lover may enforce for the Kriya Yoga proficiency.

Kriya Yoga Initiations

The Kriya Yoga proficiency features iv initiations for a summate of xx lessons. The Kickoff Creation, featuring lessons K1-9, includes the proficiency of Kriya right, on which all of the otc initiations are based. The Secondment Induction contains quartet lessons, K10-14, and the Tertiary and Quarter admit the unexpended lessons K15-20.

All of the Lessons , including the Kriya Yoga Initiations, admit many explanations based of skill, too as on the aliveness know of Paramahansa Yogananda. These tall deeds are presented in such way to clutch the student-devotees’ sake with fiddling stories, poems, affirmations, and prayers that raise the determination of apiece example.

Discharge Workings

In increase to all of the plant mentioned supra, Paramahansa Yogananda has promulgated many others, including his Cosmic Chants, which offers melodious notations also as the language for apiece tone.

An annotated tilt of the plant of the big guru is offered on the Self-fulfillment Companionship Site below the entitle, ” The Ended Workings of Paramahansa Yogananda .”

© 2018 Linda Sue Grimes

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