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Gold—Legends and Finds in Arizona – Simulate

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Gold—Legends and Finds in Arizona

Updated on Revered 25, 2019

Toilet R Wilsdon


I’ve been au prospecting for 7 eld, primarily in the Bradshaw Mountains, Yavapai, Arizona where I establish o’er 8 grams of placer.

Liaison Source

By way of commencement notions of au in Arizona, our earlier associations are with Coronado’s hunt for the Vii Cities of Cibola in 1540. It was hither that a metropolis of golden purportedly existed, but sour bent be Aborigine American huts of mud. The settlement, to this day not observed, is by way of old writings hypothetical to be around 30 miles westward of flow day Safford, AZ.

The research for au continued n to the Whiteness Mountains and Colorado Tableland of Arizona, so done New Mexico and the region about Albuquerque, on to Texas and capable exchange Kansas. In 1541, an Indian in Texas told of a metropolis called Quivara that had impossible treasures, relating that “trees hung with aureate bells and masses had pots and pans of beaten gilded.” Determination no gem, ironically, Coronado’s men left-hand their own “aureate” for hereafter prospectors to breakthrough. In repel at determination no aureate appreciate at Quivara, his soldiers distant all of their armour throwing it to the land and abandoning it. Archaeologists subsequently institute these inhumed antiquities, so proving the report to be rightful.

The account of amber minelaying in Arizona in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries has been hard to collect. Spanish and Mexican miners were successful in excavation facile, but they base lilliputian golden. Thither is chronicle of Indians functional placers in southerly Arizona and delivery the aureate rear to churches for use thither, but it is speculated that that was a diminished number. Founder Kino who explored the domain and prepare missions from 1687 to 1711, put-upon the condition “minute” in his writings when in what is now Santa Cruz county, Arizona. It meant mine but could too bear referred to a fresh observed depository that was not worked. This parting of Arizona had yielded eloquent but not lots gilt. And what are believed to birth been mines of the menstruum sustain been base passim Arizona southward of the Colorado tableland, but confirming what was mined and whether or not they were mines or wells has been unmanageable.

“Coronado sets bent the northerly” — oil picture by Frederic Remington. Spanish Francisco Vázquez de Coronado Jaunt (1540 – 1542), qualifying done Compound New Mexico, to the Heavy Plains. Credibly calico in Nineties | Root

The Sierra Estrella Range is astir 20 miles longsighted and around 15 miles sw of Phoenix. Thither are a embarrassment of legends most aureate mines therein arena. Unluckily, laborious facts requisite for proof are few and far betwixt.

Mounting up the english of a mount in the Estrellas thither is an expanse where thither are roughly corrals, a gemstone household, a good, and a mine quill. It has been theorized that this was an 18th-century Spanish mine worked by Indians since thither is no certify of explosives beingness secondhand to quench the careen. Europeans would get believably reinforced shacks or victimised tents, and victimised explosives. The cock is perpendicular, likewise strange for tweed miners. Thither are besides rock walls located strategically. The Apache and Navajo were e’er a menace to miners and settlers. The Indians knowing to disfavour the Spanish due to the abyssal intervention they standard.

No old writings sustain been constitute to believably papers the situation’s possession or account. Approximately excogitate that this locate was a goldmine; others commit more credenza to the possibleness that it was a silver-tongued mine.

The Estrella Chain | Seed

This is the tilt theatre approximate the Sierra Estrella mine. For more information, see | Germ

Genuine Gilded Finds S of Phoenix, Arizona

An 1884 chronicle of Arizona by Elliot claims that as other as 1774, placers in the Quijotoa territory were mined by a Spanish priest. This domain is 70 miles e of Tucson.

As for the actual yellow-bellied clobber observed by veridical prospectors in the Phoenix arena of Arizona, the outflank germ for data is from

“Southward of Phoenix by 9 miles, in northward contribution of the Saltiness River mountains, the Max Delta Mine load aureate can be launch. If you leave 18 miles in northward foothills of the Phoenix mountains, the Winifred territory, the Jackass Albumen Mine produced load gilded. If you go northwesterly 45 miles, on San Domingo Washables for 6 to 7 miles, you leave incur the San Domingo placers. On Old Char Flume, a s confluent, enceinte placers process with big, harsh gilded nuggets. Altogether country arroyos and gulches, in lightlessness moxie deposits placer golden can be plant. In the frown state gravels, frequently in nigrify litoral, placers moderate exquisitely distributed amber.”

Done 2012, Arizona had produced more 16 meg troy ounces (498 tonnes) of gilded.

70 miles w of Tucson cheeseparing a Papago Indian settlement, the Spanish reportedly observed amber. | Origin

Northward of Tucson, Arizona lies the Santa Catalina Mountains, named by Don Eusebio Kino, a Jesuit Spanish priest in 1697. It is in these mountains that thither is certify of Indigene communities and many derelict mines. And it is hither in these mountains on the northerly incline that one of the superlative stories of helpless Spanish mines takes berth.

By way of debut, ninety-six of story is in edict. The tycoon of Spain Charles II sent military units with spiritual orders for security. They were besides aerated with surveying the Pimeria Alta, or Southerly Arizona. It is comely to say that the rex had visions of marvellous hordes of golden and eloquent riches (based on the tales that were sent to Spain from Mexico). Another contribution of the military’s responsibility was to receive autochthonic mines, placers, and attest of unexplored minerals. The maps and data that they compiled would be essential to acquiring a footing in Arizona.

Circumstance: Spanish Tools for Pulverisation of Aureate Ore

“An Arrastra (or Arastra) is a crude pulverization for detrition and pulverizing (typically) aureate or smooth-spoken ore. The simplest manikin of the arrastra is two or more flat-bottom pull stones located in a flyer pit paved with flatbed stones, and attached to a gist billet by a farseeing arm. With a cavalry, scuff or humming providing exponent at the otc end of the arm, the stones were dragged easy round in a r-2, quelling the ore. About arrastras were powered by a waterwheel; a few were powered by steamer or petrol engines, and tied electricity.” – Wikipedia

Generally, out-of-door of the lap was a expectant cycle carven from shake that trilled round and some stifling gilt ore. | Rootage

The fable of the Cast-iron Threshold Mine goes something same this. Jesuit priests lacking to develop aureate for church and posit ascertained a fat domain with veins of gilt comparable grapevine vines. The Pima Indians had stories of such a berth and the Spanish followed up.

The Pima Indians were worked pitilessly by the Spaniards in an travail to maximise gilded output. Arastras, silence unmistakable nowadays were worked foresighted hours by burros tended by the Pima.

In 1767, the pontiff recalled the Jesuits because of Indian revolts and reports by about Spanish that the intervention of the Indians was inhumane. In an effort to veil the mine and its splendid appreciate, an press threshold was located at the entree and bolted into office.

So if you are extremely motivated to ascent and rise the slew stone faces to the cast-iron doorway, you credibly deficiency to anticipate knotty vines, Madrono growth from the careen, and snaky roots coating a rust-brown alloy threshold. Don’t leave that thither volition be about 200 geezerhood of earthly corroding at its substructure and nearby.

I birth heard that thither is a essence of trueness to all myths. And with prise to missed Spanish mines in Arizona, thither are oft straight prosperous connections.

At the substructure of the westerly face of the Santa Catalina nigh Pusch Ridgeline is a elemental landmark. The flume, the Canon del Oro, has at its understructure a watercourse known as the Canada del Oro brook. It is fed by rainwater and snowmelt functional pile the n aspect of Mt. Lemmon. The brook runs northward towards the excavation townspeople of Prophesier then turns s linear done the townsfolk of Oro Vale and on to Tucson via the Santa Cruz River. Since the Seventeenth hundred, prospectors let observed amber placers in the Canada Del Oro. Thither are amber mines approach Prophesier and the Santa Ritas where I suffer wandered on many occasions. I get been lured by the tales and the brobdingnagian mantrap of this country, and to be honorable, I bear not base placer golden thither. I do experience citizenry who sustain. But if I birth not whetted your appetency (assumptive you sustain amber febrility; I do), let me but number the aureate mines alive and nonoperational in the locality: Pontatoc Mine, Aureate Line Placer #1-36, Van Ricken Claims, Alder Canon Placers, Bold Mine, Cu Flock, the Catalina, Day-by-day Mine, Sanderson Mine, Ace Jackass Nos 1and 2, Stratton Mine, Taylor X Claims, American Iris Mine, Panda Claims, Burney Mines, Campo Bonito Zone, Canada Del Oro Mine, Cody Burrow, Cruze, Halloween and Spectre Claims, Hot Boy, Petty Mattie Claims, and more.

Arizona ranks 8th among the gold-producing States. In footing of rate, au is indorsement to bull as the almost worthful mineral mined in Arizona.

The Press Threshold Mine in the Santa Catalina Mountains – the eyes of San Ramon | Rootage

The route of the Canada del Oro

These are the au mines extraneous Prophet, Arizona and fair northerly of the Canada del Oro. | Reference


Arizona is the country with the endorsement last-place portion of piddle expanse in the Joined States. Historically, this has been a incumbrance to gilded minelaying in Arizona, evening to the deliver. All methods for extracting golden involve enceinte amounts of piddle. Evening though practically of Arizona may veil amber, the retiring prospector necessarily to program cautiously for h2o for personal phthisis. The defect passion in summertime can be unendurable to many. In fact, nearly local unskilled prospectors stopover probing for golden in June and don’t see again until October at the earlier.

We besides sustain rattlesnakes, scorpions , Gila monsters, and vicious spiders on with over-the-counter strange critters. The skillful matter is that they disfavour mankind as practically as we disapproval them. Organism cognizant of where you walkway and stretch, and how roughly the background you quietus is well-advised.

Cactus and a multitudinous of mucilaginous vegetables can wind a job. Center what is forrader of you when trekking.

Arizona is a gorgeous spot to be for a prospector, and the Spanish legends, the lore of the Old W, and the all-embracing afford expanses can be witching. Be well-prepared earlier embarking on a gold-hunting jaunt. Let friends recognize where you are passing, impinging the hunt and delivery and will your finish, piddle surely you are exploitation a well-maintained fomite, and don’t bury your cadre earpiece. These are my recommendations from a guy who loves his house, Arizona.

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